Who don't bring me flowers?

My rough times didn’t start with the first time I couldn’t pee without yelping in pain.  (I promise, less pee references soon.  I PROMISE!)

I’ve been going through a little batch of “spring blues” lately.  Maybe it’s stress– I mean, I’m going back to school, I’m still working full-time, and I’m trying to stay healthy, all while maintaining some aspect of a social life.  I should be handling it like a pro!

Yeah right!  I’ve had moments of melancholy and “woe is me” to help myself feel better.  I’m human– I’m allowed.

Well the other day, I was browsing around YouTube and somehow came across a video I hadn’t seen in years– 26 years to be exact.  It was the video of the 1980 Grammy Awards, when Barbra Striesand and Neil Diamond appeared on opposite ends of the stage at the very end of the awards broadcast.  It was an impromptu moment for both of them and for the production.  They sang “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers” as they crossed to center stage, and went down in history as one of the most electrifying performances on TV ever.

I remember watching that with my parents and sister back in 1980, and I haven’t seen it since– until just the other day.   Now I always knew the lyrics were a dialogue between a couple in a dying relationship, and that they were very syrupy and melancholy… but for some reason, I couldn’t help but place myself in that situation.  After all, nobody is in my life to bring me flowers.  Nobody is around to sing me love songs.

So yeah… instant Debbie Downer moment.

Anyway, I found myself thinking of the song again; singing it, reading about it online, and listening to the copy I own.

Well today, I got home from work and there was a cardboard box under my mailbox.  A box of flowers.

It was from ProFlowers, whose boxes I had seen zillions of times around that evil Valentine’s Day and around Sweetest Day as well.  I never thought I’d get one of those boxes for ME.  I didn’t even believe it was mine until I checked the label and saw my name.

Inside was an arrangement of lilies and orchids, still as fresh as if they were cut today, inside a glass vase.  I filled up the vase, trimmed the stems, and put them in the living room.

Oh… I assume you’re wondering who they are from.  Well.. they are from a very special person.  Someone that cares a lot about people, and goes out of her way to make people feel special.  Even if everything in her life isn’t going as well as she had hoped, she is there to help a friend up and make them feel better.  She’s an amazing friend, mom and wife.  And she writes one hell of a blog.

Thanks, Tuna Girl!!!!!!  You really made my day!

My Flowers!