I never saw it coming.

Friday night I had dinner with some friends.  It was a delightful night.   No indication that anything was going wrong– or would go wrong.

But Saturday morning, I knew something was terribly wrong.

The sharp pain in my side.  The difficulty going to the bathroom.  The wailing and groaning in pain.  The vomiting because of the pain.

Yep… it was another kidney stone.

I spent most of the morning in the ER.  I’m glad I went early– it was practically empty in there when I arrived, so I got in right away.  They started me on pain meds and started feeding me fluids to hopefully flush out the stone.  I then had a CAT scan to find out where it was and if it was moving.

The scan showed it was right at the top of my ureter, just after the kidney.  It seemed to be a small enough stone, but since it wasn’t moving much, they wanted me to go into a private observation room where they could watch me further.  So I moved out of the noisy, chaotic ER into my own small room.

There I spent the night, hooked up to fluids and lots of pain meds.  Yet nothing had changed– the stone still wasn’t moving.

I met with doctors today who decided to prescribe me some meds to help break up the stone and relax the ureter so it could move through me.  They sent me home today with these meds.

As of tonight, nothing has really changed, but I am taking my meds and drinking a ton of water.  Hopefully soon I will have myself a bouncing baby stone.

But until then… ouch.