The sweetest thing

About 4 hours into my shift at work on Thursday I had to leave for a dentist appointment.  The dentist’s office is only a few blocks from work, so I just walk there and take the time as my lunch break.  No big deal.

I got on the elevator, which had a few people on it already.  It stopped a couple floors below mine to allow one of the younger partners in the firm on.  He was dressed simply in a black turtleneck and khakis, with his Treo in hand.  He didn’t say a word, and started pecking at the Treo as we descended in silence to the first floor.

As the elevator opened to the lobby, everyone filed out and the partner stayed back, letting everyone else go before him.  I said hi to someone I knew waiting to get on,  and the partner exited after me.

As we rounded the corner, I saw an attractive woman with two adorable little girls.  They looked up at the partner behind me, and their eyes grew as big as saucers and their faces lit up brighter than sunshine.  They shrieked “PAPA!” with all the might their tiny little voices could muster and began jumping up and down; then ran up to him and gave him an enormous hug.

My paternal instincts kicked in 100 fold.  For a moment I wondered what it must feel like to have these tiny little beings– more a part of me than anything else in this world– showering me with such unconditional love.

It absolutely must be the sweetest thing in the world.