Recharging the batteries

Mimi and MeThis past weekend I made my yearly trek to one of my favorite cities in the US of A- Madison, Wisconsin.

There’s just something about this yearly visit that recharges my batteries.

I’ve written before about my involvement with DECA/Delta Epsilon Chi, and how it, in effect, changed my life for the better when I was a struggling student just out of high school. The organization provided me with direction and purpose– something I really had not experienced before.

Throughout the five years I was a member, I met and eventually became friends with a number of people from all kinds of backgrounds. Some were older then me, some were younger. Some had worked for years in different careers, and some had done exactly what I did– graduated high school and started the Technical College life.

Over the years since my graduation in 1994, I have remained friends with a handful of those people. And although I don’t see them very often, and we all live in different parts of the state, region and country; when we are together it’s like we had never been apart.

But reunions aside, there is a much bigger reason why I feel so recharged after this event.

Now that I’ve been in the working world for the better part of 13 years, I go back to these conferences with a wealth of knowledge to share with the students coming up through the program. I see them panicking and nervous, but confident in what they have to present to us, the judges. I talk to them with a tone of authority– both from having been through this before, and from years of experience in the workplace.

And then when the awards were handed out, I remember what it was like to be in that room. The anticipation. The excitement. The cheering and the support from friends and people across the state. The energy in that room is positively infectious– even a person who has never experienced it before can’t help but come away pumped up about it.

The entire experience re-lights a fire in me. I want to get out there and do more things, get more things done, and make more of a difference. I want to change what I feel is wrong in my life and make it better for myself.  I want to make a difference in someone else’s life as well as my own

So what lies ahead?  Stay tuned, and we’ll see.  Some big changes are already in the works.