It’s been one of those weeks.

All week long I tried to come up with something to post here, and nothing came to me. 


Not even a mere wisp of an idea.

So I figured I’d just let it go and consider it an “off” week.  After all, work has been insanely busy, and I didn’t feel much like posting anything when I got home anyway.

But then today, on Thursday, something came up that I wanted to write about.  The words were forming in my head faster than I could put them down on paper— Or a computer screen.  Whatever.

So I jumped on my computer to sign on to my blog.

But… surprise! I couldn’t access my blog.  Or anything on my website.

Apparently Dreamhost had a major hiccup of service which has caused many of its servers to crash.  So rcktman.com and rcktman.com/blog were both out of commission.

Now isn’t that divine providence?  I get a great inspiration for a blog post and the damn thing is down.

I still want to write about what I wanted to write about before I realized I couldn’t write about it.  (And this is not what I wanted to write about.)

But until I can write about what I wanted to write about, I’m going to write about this… on Microsoft Word… until my blog comes back so I can post it.

All those times I wanted to quit blogging—now I can’t blog and it’s driving me nuts.