Time Warp

Just for shits and giggles, the other day I decided to resurrect an old friend.

Now don’t go saying I have a Jesus complex now. I’m no miracle worker.

I just brought my old blog, RcktRamblings back from the dead, that’s all.


I dunno, I guess I was just bored.

I had heard that Blogger had made some changes and, being the curious geek that I am, I wanted to see what was so different. So I switched things over to my gmail account that I never use, and browsed around.  (For the record, not all that much has changed.)

And then I started looking through some of my old posts. I laughed at some of the funny moments and cried at some of the sad ones. I remembered how much fun it was to write what was going on inside my head at any given moment. I also marveled at how openly and easily I expressed myself back then.

There’s some good stuff there. Sure, I copied all of those posts here when I created this blog, but for some reason they seem to be more “at-home” there. And although they somehow lost all their formatting and all the paragraph breaks are gone, it’s nice to have that part of my blog history back again. I even brought back the original template. You remember, the one with all the green dots? They’re back, too.

Seems that going back in time and reliving the past is the thing to do these days.

Even some old friends that I thought had quit blogging forever have returned, most notably my dear friend Pua (WHOO HOO!)

But there are a lot of other people who have left and vanished.

Who would you like to come back from the blog-“dead”? Who do you miss the most?

I have a few… remember these kids?

Feisty Girl

Dantallion’s Can[n]on

Faggoty-Ass Faggot

Big Mickey Style


Oh yeah, and I’d love to bring back the old days of Tribe. Those were some fun times.

I’m sure there are more, but I’ve lost their links since they stopped blogging so long ago.