Ice Ice Baby!

It’s cold.

No.  Let me rephrase that.

It’s FUCKING cold.

In the nearly 10 years I’ve lived in Chicago, I haven’t experienced cold like this.  Oh sure, I had some mighty cold winters up in Wisconsin, but Chicago– being the Windy City and all– gets pummeled when the mercury dips below zero.

I’ve been driving to work more often lately because walking in this weather is absolutely not acceptable.  The wind hitting my face feels like a million tiny razor blades, cutting through the pores and right to my bones.  No amount of covering can stop that kind of cold.

Thankfully, my radiators are in full force.  There is something to be said for steam heat– and that something is “Thank GOD for steam heat!”  I can’t imagine what my electric bill would be if I had to crank up the furnace for this blast.

Work isn’t so bad either.  At least when you’re 46 floors up you’re pretty much guaranteed you’ll get some residual effect from the rest of the building being heated.  The people I feel sorry for are those who work in the lobby– security officers, our receptionist, and the folks that operate the coffee kiosk.  Our building has a typically tall lobby, and all the heat rises to the top… with nothing to warm the poor folks below.  It’s like a glass igloo.

But hey, I don’t have to work down there.  And we have free coffee and/or tea and/or cocoa to keep us warm all day, so no need to run down there for an overpriced latte.

I just want this cold spell to end.  Quickly.  Each day that passes gets us a little bit closer to spring– and boy I can’t wait for that.

A bike ride along the lake would be really nice.

But certainly not now.