I dreamed a dream

I spent about 19 of the last 24 hours in bed, nursing a nasty cold that has turned my lovely tenor voice into that of a basso profundo.  And during that long period of sleep, I had a most interesting dream.

I went to an ATM to withdraw cash, as I often do.  As I slipped the card into the slot, I noticed something sticking out of the cash dispenser.  I grabbed it, and pulled it out.

A $100 bill.

I looked around, seeing nobody in the vicinity.  I couldn’t imagine who would leave so much money in an ATM machine (and for that matter, I couldn’t imagine an ATM machine spitting out $100 bills, but this is a dream, after all).  So I pocketed the bill and continued with my transaction.

The machine then gave me the message “This machine is not able to dispense cash.  Please try another.”  So I canceled the transaction and tried the machine to the left.

When I inserted my card, I noticed yet another object protruding from the machine– this time from the deposit slot.

It was another $100 bill.

Now I had the distinct feeling I was being watched, a-la “Candid Camera.”  I started looking around for a camera or some sort of device to record my reaction.  I found nothing.  So I took the second $100 bill, canceled my transaction (Hey, I was $200 ahead, I didn’t need to withdraw money anymore), and walked away from the machine.

My dream continued with me talking to my mom in her car.  She was driving.  I told her what happened, and she stopped the car and said “Wow… You’re lucky, kiddo.”

So … what does this dream mean?  Am I going to come into some money soon?

Or was it just the drugs playing tricks with my mind?