The Tribe Has Spoken!


Seriously, everyone… I’m overwhelmed.  Thank you, everyone, for your wonderful, kind words.

I’m not going anywhere.

But before I continue, I must make a few things clear:

  1. I didn’t do this as a plea for comments or a cry for attention.
  2. I didn’t ask Scott to post what he did on his blog — he did that all on his own, without my knowledge.
  3. I fully admit that when I wrote the post the other day, I was deeply in the midst of some major post-holiday blues, and instead of dealing with them normally, I took it out on my blog.
  4. The cost of maintaining this blog is a non-issue, really.  The webspace is paid for up until, I think, July.   And the cost is minimal at best.

So… with that in mind, I think some changes are coming.  First of which… I need a new look for this place.  Sometimes a fresh look at things helps you (and me) see things in a new perspective.  So I will be investigating that.  I may do a multiple-theme option, where you can select from more than one theme– including this one.  I worked hard on this theme, and I do still like it, but it’s time for a change.

Second,  I’m going to try to have more fun with my blog.  I like the Sesame Moments.  They’re gonna stay.  And maybe it’s time to bring back a little eye candy.  Gotta give the dogs something to chew on now and then, right? 😉

And if I don’t feel like posting, I’m not gonna post.  I don’t need to make myself sick over all this.  It’s a blog for cryin’ out loud.  And I’ll never be the next Towleroad or Perez Hilton… I don’t WANT to be, either.  I am who I am.  And if people don’t like it… Oh well!

Many of the commenters have said that they would miss me if I left.  And you know what?  I’d miss you too.  I, too, have lost touch with far too many bloggers that have left abruptly in the past few years.  Some of them I do still keep in touch with, but it’s just not the same.

I don’t want to be another test pattern on the blogosphere.  I like my little place in this world.  It’s mine, I have established it, and I might as well continue with it while I still can.

And as far as having more to say– well, there is always going to be more to say.  That’s how life works.  I will still have frustrations to vent about, and funny situations to talk about.  And who knows… maybe there will finally be a romance in my future.  Who doesn’t love a blogger gushing on and on and on about his new boyfriend?  (Tongue planted firmly in cheek on that one!)

So… thank you for sticking with me.  Thank you for lifting me up when I needed it.  I appreciate you more than you’ll ever know.

And Scott… you’re a really great friend.  Thank you for your support and words of encouragement.  Aside from being a great blogger, Scott is, truly, a great guy.