Faux Pas?

My Christmas cards just arrived in the mail.

No, not the ones from my friends and/or family… those all arrived on-time. 

No, these are the homemade ones (with photography by yours truly) that I was supposed to send to my friends and/or family.

Would I be commiting a terrible faux pas if I send them now and pretend they got lost in the mail?

Or should I pretend I’m sending them as New Year’s cards– even though the photo I picked for the cover clearly depicts an ornament on my Christmas Tree?

Or should I just not bother?

This, dear readers (whoever is still left), is why I turn to you for advice.

UPDATE:  I buckled down, and got them done.  They are in the mail as I type.  Thanks for your advice… I really appreciate it!

Happy New Year, everyone!