It’s been a while since I’ve done a good old fashioned meme. I got this one on my MySpace page and posted it there, so I’ll post it here as well.

Oh and if you have a page on MySpace, why not let me know about it? 🙂

1.) Where did you ring in 2006?
Started out at my friend Ricardo’s place and then went to our chorus friends, the Pusey-Schnorbuses. It ended up being a fun night.

2.) What was your status by Valentine’s Day?
Single, as always.

3.) Were you in school (anytime this year)?

4.) How did you earn your keep?
Same job as today- DTP/Graphic Design at Jenner & Block, and some design jobs on the side.

5.) Did you ever have to go to the hospital?
Yes, too damn many times- a kidney stone and that damn eye infection.

6.) Did you ever encountered the police?
Aside from passing them on the street, no.

7.) Where did you go on vacation?
Many weekend trips to Saugatuck, MI.

8.) What did you purchase that was over $500?
I bought a new TV– a Samsung HDTV slimfit. Love it.

9.) Did you know anybody who got married?
Not this year.

10.) Did you know anybody who passed away?
My cousin, in January; My dad, in July; my cousin’s grandma in August. It’s been a terrible year for my family.

11.) Have you run into anybody you graduated high school with?
Yes, at my dad’s funeral.

12.) Did you move anywhere?
Still in the same place– 5 years now!

13.) What sporting events did you go to?
The opening and closing ceremonies for the Gay Games.

14.) What concerts did you go to?

None that come to mind.

15.) Are you registered to vote?
Yes, I am.

16.) If so, did you do your patriotic duty on Nov. 7?
Yes, I did.

17.) Describe your birthday.
My actual birthday kinda sucked, but I celebrated it just yesterday (Saturday 12/16) with all my friends and had a great time at my place.

19.) What’s the one thing you thought you would never do but did in 2006?
Can’t really think of anything.

20.) What is one thing you regretted this year?
Not calling my dad the day before he died, just to tell him I loved him one more time.

21.) What’s something you learned about yourself?
Not necessarily about myself, but about my family– we are pretty strong and resilient. We get through crises well.

22.) Any new additions to your family?
Not yet. Pray for next year.

23.) What was your best month?
December has been pretty great. It’s crazy, but at least it’s been fun.

24.) What from pop culture will you remember 2006 by?
The birth of Ugly Betty, my new favorite TV show.

25.) How would you rate this year with a scale from 1 (crappy) to 10 (excellent)?

2. This year sucked badly. Losing so many family members (and various other problems) really made this year hard to rate highly.