Sesame Tuesday: At the Disco

I just happened to come upon this gem by chance… and HAD to share it.

Big Bird is playing a record on his record player and Snufflupagus loves what he’s hearing, so he asks Big Bird what that music is called. So Big Bird tells Snuffy all about Disco and what it’s all about. Then they pretend that Big Bird’s pen is a disco, complete with a mirror ball, a lighted floor and a dancing couple. And then Big Bird and Snuffy do a little dancing themselves. This is classic stuff.

Sesame Street FeverThe music that Snuffy hears at the beginning is the disco version of “Rubber Duckie” from none other than the “Sesame Street Fever” album. I had one as a kid… as did almost every other kid in the 1970s. Did you have one? 🙂

And here’s another bit of trivia… the turntable Big Bird is using is almost exactly the same as the one I currently have.

This one’s for you, Scott! 🙂