First, thank you to everyone who sent well-wishes recently.  Your thoughts have helped me very much.  I’m so touched that there are such great people out there. 

My Eye Problem

They still look a little red, but they are steadily improving every day.  I did a LOT of driving around Thanksgiving– probably too much– but at least I was able to do everything I wanted to do with my family. 

To answer a few questions:  Michael asked what I was looking at to catch this icky problem?  The answer– Ya got me!  I just woke up one day and bam! There it was.  The doctors say that it can just happen suddenly (like me).  In most cases, however, it is an effect of another disease or symptom.  I guess I just got lucky.

Glenn asked why I didn’t post a picture of the grossness of my eye… I almost did!  But then I thought it might gross people out TOO much.  Now in hindsight, I wish I’d done it.  It could have been worth a few laughs (and comments, I’m sure!)

Karen hasn’t been back to comment since I thought it was Pink Eye.  I think I scared her away.  It’s OK Karen, I’m not contagious anymore.  I never was! 🙂

Hustle Up The Hancock

Things are progressing slowly with my training… mainly because I’ve been sick with either a cold or the aforementioned eye problems.  Tomorrow I think I will get back into it.  In my first practice climb, I did 15 flights.  In the second climb, I did 30. So hopefully in my next climb I will reach 40… or maybe even 50.  Considering that I have to reach 94 flights by next February, I think that’s pretty good.  The more I train, the easier it will get.  I just have to get back to training! 

As far as the fundraising goes, I already hit my $300 goal– and exceeded it by $200!  So I am increasing my goal to $1,000!  Hey I’m halfway there already, and I have a few more months to go.  Why not? 🙂

If you’re interested in helping me out, you can click here, or on the little graphic in the sidebar.

The PadCast

I haven’t done a PadCast in quite a while.  I think I’ve pretty much realized that I am a better blogger than I am a podcaster.  And that’s fine.  I’m perfectly comfortable with that realization.  Besides, it’s sometimes hard enough to write something in my blog– putting up a podcast takes at least 10x the work every single time.  Maybe someday I’ll take what I now know and produce a podcast that actually means something.  Until then, I’m just gonna stick to blogging.  Thanks to everyone who listed, though.  You haven’t really heard the last of me yet. 🙂

Sesame Mondays…

Will become Sesame Tuesday this week.  Because I felt like writing something today.  It’s my blog, I can do what I want.  Nyah. 🙂