I can see!

I went to the eye clinic yesterday, and it was determined that I did not have Pink Eye.  In fact, I never HAD Pink Eye. I have a condition called Scleritis, an inflammation of the sclera of the eye, that is commonly mis-diagnosed as Pink Eye because it looks so much like Pink Eye.  Scleritis afflicts the conjunctive tissue like Pink Eye, but it also attacks the actual sclera, or white, of the eye.  That is what was causing my pain, and that’s what has been affecting my vision.

Speaking of my vision, it’s not back at 100%, but it is a LOT better. I was given some anti-inflammatory medication that has already made a huge difference.  It’s so nice to be able to see again!!!

It’s amazing how much we take for granted.  Things like our sight, our hearing, our ability to taste, smell, and feel.  When those things are compromised, we suddenly realize how much we rely on them and how much being without them will change our lives. 

I look at my mother, and how hard it is for her to breathe.  I know how much she wishes she was able to breathe freely again, without any constrictions or problems.  I can certainly relate to how she feels. 

I felt imprisioned by my own eyes for the past week.  And if it wasn’t the pain that was affecting me, it was the inability to focus or view things in stereo.  I felt as if I couldn’t go anywhere or do anything because I simply didn’t feel safe to even walk. Now that this ability is returning to me, I realize just how much I appreciate the gift of sight.

So another Thanksgiving is approaching and it looks like our family– what’s left of it– is going to be together after all.  And for that, we are all very thankful indeed.

I hope that your families are all safe, healthy, and together as well.  And that you enjoy the beginning of the “holiday season” together. 

Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂