Double Vision

This hasn’t been a very fun weekend.

When I last left you (before the Sesame Monday, of course), I had come down with Pink Eye.  I noticed it starting to affect me on Wednesday during the day, and by Wednesday night it was beginning to really bother me.  My eye was quickly turning red and it was looking not-so-good.

Thursday morning I awoke and saw it was still about as red as the night before– but instead of going to a doctor or doing something about it, I foolishly got ready for work and headed out.

Big mistake.  They took one look at me after I got in and immediately sent me home. 

I left a message for my doctor before I left, and by the time she called me back I was already at home.  I told the nurse my symptoms, and she said she would either have the doctor call me or call me back herself.

The nurse called me back about a hour later and said that my doctor suggested I go to the emergency room right away.

All I could think was “Just for Pink Eye?”  … I mean, it was red, it was oozy, and it hurt a bit, but I didn’t think that was cause for concern.

So after I hesitated a moment, I drove down to the emergency room. 

That’s when I noticed how bad my vision had become.  I was having trouble seeing peripherally, but seeing straight ahead was fine. 

I wasn’t at the ER for longer than 2 1/2 hours– not bad considering my case wasn’t a real emergency in my book.  They determined that my Pink Eye was viral, but that somehow my eye was infected, and that was causing the pain and the vision problems.  They gave me a tube of antibiotic ointment and a prescription for some drops for the pain, and an order to see the Eye Clinic the next day if anything was worse.

The next day, I felt that things were improving.  I tried calling the Eye Clinic but the phone rang and rang and nobody picked up.  I decided that since I was feeling better I didn’t need to contact them.  I stayed home from work, rested, and by the end of the day felt better.

Saturday, however, was a different story.  My eye was swollen so bad it looked as if I was Rocky Balboa and I had been in the boxing ring too long.  It was still red, and it hurt worse than ever.  And my vision was 10x worse than before.  In fact, it was so bad that now I could barely see evenly at all.  I was supposed to drive up to Kenosha to be with my mom and sister; and, sadly, I had to cancel.  I just didn’t feel safe driving anymore.

By Sunday the swelling finally began to subside, and the redness was much reduced– but the vision problems persisted.  And today, the swelling is almost completely gone, but the vision problems are steadily getting worse.  I’m constantly seeing double-vision, and I’m starting to notice a dark spot along my nose in my left eye.

I’m worried.  I’m scared.  I’ve heard of freak things causing temporary — or even permanent — blindness in one eye before, and these stories have me worried.  What if I did permanent damage to my eye?  What if whatever is causing this can’t be stopped? 

I have a call in to the Eye Clinic to call me first thing tomorrow morning.  I intend on finding out what is wrong with me once and for all. 

This just has not been a good month for me.  I don’t need this now.  So please… I need all of the good karma I can get right about now.  At the very least, I want to get home for Thanksgiving with my family.  As of right now, I don’t know if that will happen or not.

I’ll keep you posted.