Good News

american-flag.jpgGood news is so rare these days. It seems that every time you pick up the phone, turn on the TV or radio, or browse to your favorite news website, something bad is there, waiting for you like a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Election Day, typically, as of late, has been the source of loads of bad news.

I remember watching the election results in 2000 with my two roommates at the time. We just sat there, stunned, our mouths agape, as we slowly watched our country sink into a period of dark and uncertain times.

We did the one thing any self-respecting queer boys would do in such a situation– we went out and got drunk.

OK, maybe the self-respect thing in that instance wasn’t exactly the best way to describe it– but doggone it, it’s all we could do to ease the pain.

Four years later, my friends and I watched again as madness overtook the nation. Our faith in the democratic process was tested once again. And once again, we drowned our sorrows.

But now it’s 2006. And the country has seemingly finally awakened from its terrorist-induced coma from 2001. The rose-colored glasses removed from our eyes, we have finally realized what a mess has been made of our wonderful country.

And we did something about it, once and for all.

On November 7, 2006, we finally got good news.

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline are getting a divorce!

(OK OK OK… no, that’s not it. But that was some pretty damn good news, too, wasn’t it? :-D)

In all seriousness, the deliverance of the House of Representatives to the Democrats, with such a monumental wave of transition between the Republican party to the Democrat party, was one of the most wonderful things to witness in the last 10 years.

And the resignation of Donald Rumsfeld from the Secretary of Defense position seemed like the cherry on top of a delicious hot fudge sundae (with brownies!)

But today’s news of the Senate control being shifted to the Democrats was almost too much to bear.

It was like Christmas, Easter, and the Great Pumpkin showing up on Halloween all in one.

But all this good news comes with a degree of curiosity. What, exactly, does our new Congress have in store for us? Do they even know what will become of this? How will they work with the still-seated George W. Bush and his cabinet? How will they produce the results that America has voted them in to make happen?

I predict it will be a slow process. Don’t expect any massive changes right out of the gate. Many of our new Senators and Representatives are freshmen (and freshwomen, I may add). They need to get their feet wet and get comfortable in their roles. Many of them need to learn the ropes and find their way around the place.

And while we may be hoping for a unified message of solidarity, we need to keep in mind that even though the Democrats have control, there are factions within the ranks that may stir the pot in different ways than may be expected. There are Democrats who support the war, and Democrats who are against it. There are some who want to push for healthcare reform, and some who want to push for tax adjustments.

And then–don’t forget– we still have our trusty president, sitting atop the heap. Nothing will be accomplished with a fell swoop. We have to be patient, and see how things work out. It may be a very contentious two years.

But that doesn’t change the fact that I am thrilled with the results of this week’s elections. For once, I can toast the results with a glass of wine or champagne; rather than drown my sorrows in a glass of vodka or beer. For once, I can look to tomorrow with a degree of hope and excitement; rather than with despondence and concern.

Yes, it is a very wonderful time in America. For the Democratic process truly worked, and the people of America’s voices have finally been heard.

So now let’s just sit back and see what happens.