PadCast #23: Magic





PadCast #23_ Magic

Before I begin… no, I’m not joining a cult or getting all “Dungeons and Dragons” on you. I just couldn’t think of a unifying theme for today’s show, and the first thing I saw on iTunes was “Magic to Do” from Pippin and “Magic” by Olivia Newton-John. So that’s the show’s title explained. 🙂

That aside, today’s show is dedicated to (more) apples and apple pie, and a very special segment– my review of  “The Pirate Queen.”

I promised you a review, and here it is… and you have to listen to the show to find out how I liked it. 🙂 Sneaky eh? 🙂

Drop me a line and let me know what you think.. did you see it? Do you agree with my statements? Or will you just wait til the thing opens on Broadway to find out how you like it? Share!!

Have a great weekend everyone. I’m off to the north!

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Music: Magic to Do: Pippin: Original Broadway Cast Recording (iTunes)

Magic: Olivia Newton-John | Back to Basics: The Essential Collection (iTunes)