Everything Must Go!

garage.jpgMy back is killing me… and all for the sake of a garage sale!

Ever since my Dad died, my mom, sister, brother-in-law and I have been working our tails off to start getting the house ready so my mom can move out.

It’s a tedious process.  Mom and Dad lived in that house for 40 years, and accumulated a lot of stuff.  And if that isn’t bad enough, when my Grandma died, we inherited all of HER stuff as well.  So there’s a combined total of 115 years worth of stuff in our tiny 3-bedroom ranch house… and that stuff needs to be cleaned out and quick!

So for the past few months we have been going through the basement, the bedrooms, through closets, and drawers and cabinets, and finding things that absolutely MUST go. 

This past weekend we set everything up in the garage, which involved moving lots of heavy things and lots of setting up tables and unpacking items to sell.  My sister laughed when she saw everything set up, because when we started this process, my mom said, “Do you think we’ll have enough stuff to sell?” 

Enough stuff??!?  Holy frickin’ crap we have a TON of stuff to sell!

Take glassware for instance.  My mom had amassed an incredible assortment of glassware over the years that she hardly ever used. Most of it sat at the top of her kitchen cabinets and collected nothing but dust and grime.  All of this stuff is now in the sale (minus a few things that my sister and I took for ourselves, of course!) 

And then the books– hundreds and HUNDREDS of books that collected dust and dead spiders in the basement or in my parents’ bedroom– some never read, and some read many years ago and put away “just in case” someone might want to read it again.

There’s also tons of houseware items– from decor to wall hangings to kitchen utensils to mixing bowls.  We have yard tools and garden tools… assorted gas cans (that are more for show than for use) and even a shelf of electronics. 

Then, of course, all of my Dad’s clothes, shoes, and other personal items.  Dad was a very large man, and his size is very hard to find.  We have racks of 5XL and 6XL shirts, sweaters, and unworn T-shirts; as well as pants, shoes and socks.  We’re expecting that stuff to sell really well.

When all of this stuff is gone, there is a whole lot more to come out and replace it.  And when that’s gone.. we sell the big stuff– furniture, appliances, and the rest.  Everything must go!

So here’s the deal.  If you’re in the Kenosha, WI area, do yourself a favor and stop by our sale.  If you’re interested, drop me an Email at rick (at) rcktman (dot) com and I’ll send you the address. 

There’s no way we’re going to sell everything all at once– we know there will be at least one more sale in the spring.  But we had to start somewhere.

In the meantime, my aching back is going to bed.  I hope I get up okay in the morning!