PadCast #21: The Bridge

PadCast #21_ The Bridge

And every one of us has to face that day;
Do you cross the bridge, or do you fade away?
And every one of us that ever came to play
Has to cross the bridge or fade away….

Life throws crossroads and bridges at us all the time.  Sometimes we make the wrong choices… and sometimes we make the right choices.  Isn’t that what life is all about?

Today’s PadCast is inspired by the newest song by Elton John, “The Bridge” from his newest album “The Captain and The Kid” – featured in today’s show.

On today’s show, I talk about this song and how it has affected me as it relates to things that have happened in my life in the last few months.

EXCLUSIVE! I also give an update on the new guy I met yesterday.  Only you PadCast listeners get the latest scoop!  So you’d better listen if you want to find out what’s new in that story. 🙂

Bribery is a good thing, isn’t it? 😉

Music: (Opening) The Bridge – Elton John – The Captain and The Kid (iTunes)

Music: (Closing) Song For Guy (remix) – Elton John – Remixed (iTunes)

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