My ass is kicked

Work has been brutal this week.  And it’s only going to get worse next week.

I’ve put it extra hours every day, with two 12-hour days to add to that.

So I apologize for not blogging much.  Honestly, when I get home from work lately, the last thing I want to do is hang out at my computer. 🙂

Not to say I haven’t wanted to post… I just haven’t had the energy to come up with anything.  I’m only posting now because I had a guest over and he only now just left. 

Yes, that kind of guest.  And don’t get all goofy on me.  It wasn’t all that great.  I thought the guy would NEVER LEAVE. 😛


I’m heading to Kenosha tomorrow morning. Yes, I said morning.  As in when my mom calls to wake me up and I get my ass out on the road. 

I just want to relax… It sucks being a responsible child.  But I gotta do it.

Anyway, just wanted to check in.  I’m here.  I’m alive.  And I’m going to bed.

Alone.  Finally!