Good Riddance!

Last night when I got home from work, I noticed the front door of my apartment building was wedged open. This is nothing new, since my idiot first-floor neighbors seem to think that the front door to our building is the front door to their apartment, and always have it wedged open.  But this time it was different. 

The door wasn’t wedged with the usual milk crate that is so lovingly placed in our foyer (it’s not that fancy, believe me) to catch junk Email and other trash.  It was wedged with thin splints of wood. The kind that a mover would use.

“Hmmmm…” I wondered to myself.  “I wonder who’s moving out?”

As I reached the first floor landing, I looked at the front door of the unpleasant neighbors that I hoped and prayed were moving out.  I could hear activity inside, but nothing that signaled “We’re moving!” to me.  The “Welcome” door hanger was still there.  So, dejected, I plodded up the stairs, hoping against hope that maybe some good news would come of this.

Throughout the evening (and into all hours of the night) I could hear commotion downstairs– in the courtyard, along the back fence, and on the back deck.  It was all coming from the first floor, so I knew something was going on.  The fact that whoever was making all this noise was being so rude as to keep doing it up until 2 in the morning kept me hopeful.  I crossed my fingers and went to bed.

When I awoke this morning I heard more commotion coming from downstairs.  I could hear the people talking, their kid running in and out of the house, and their nasty dog barking.  Something was up, and it was sounding very promising.  I leapt out of bed and got ready for work.  “It just has to be… oh please… let it be them,” I said to myself.

As I walked down the stairs and reached the first floor landing, I got my confirmation.

THEY ARE LEAVING!  The apartment door was open, furniture was missing, and boxes were being packed.  Oh joy!  Oh happy day!  I wanted to dance a jig right there and then… but I couldn’t because the husband and one of his buddies were coming up the stairs just as I was going down.  I couldn’t even look him in the eye.  If he could see how happy I was, he might get the wrong — or right — idea. 

Then as I left the building, I was greeted by an even better symbol of confirmation– a moving van!


I’m so ecstatic about this.  No more dog digging up our courtyard.  No more shit on the floor in the hallways of our front and back stairways.  No more front doors wedged open so everyone and anyone can get in unannounced.  No more using our shared front door as their personal front door.  And no more loud fights going into all hours of the night– sometimes getting so loud that the police have to be called.

The building can once again be a peaceful, enjoyable place to live.

See ya, nasty, annoying and rude neighbors! And good riddance!!!