PadCast #19: Crazy

PadCast #19_ Crazy

Tom Cruise is crazy.  Osama bin Laden is Nuts.  Whitney Houston is a purple banana.

Let’s put ’em in the truck.

OK OK … I’m trying too hard to replicate the lyrics of Prince’s famous song “Let’s Go Crazy.”  But it’s still true.

Crazy people are out there… and some of them are getting their due.  Watch for my rant on Tom Cruise tomorrow for more good stuff about that whacko.

I’m heading to Saugatuck this weekend.  If you’ll be camping at CampIt, let me know!

Watch for a special guest coming soon… as soon as I convince him that he has nothing to be afraid of. 😉  He knows who he is. 😀

It’s late so I need to go to bed.  Comment, people!

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