Goodbye, Dead Car

Note:  OK, before I begin today’s post… I know that the last post sounded really really REALLY snarky.  Well you’re right. It was. I meant it that way.  So if you were offended, I’m sorry.  Maybe…  Anyway….

Last week I finally got the title on my dead car.  Yep, that’s right… I made my final payment on my car just after it was proclaimed undrivable.  Talk about perfect timing!

So with title in hand, I started investigating my options.  First I put signs in the windows offering it for sale.  I figured what the heck… if someone wanted to buy it and fix it up, I’d gladly take the money.  I got one call, and he didn’t sound that serious.  But by the time he called, I had reconsidered that option and went to Plan B already– donation.

I knew there were countless ways I could donate my car to charity, but I had no idea where to begin the search.  So, of course, being the good computer geek I am, I googled “Automobile donation.”

The first thing I saw was an ad for the American Diabetes Association.  I looked no further.

I filled out the information and sent it in, and in a couple days I got a call confirming the donation.  They are coming tomorrow morning to tow it away for the last time.

It’s amazing how sometimes, when you don’t really know what to do next, the most obvious answer just falls in your lap.