A Word of Thanks

I’d like to thank a few people for all the help they’ve given me in making RcktMan’s Launching Pad(Cast) such a success.

First, Channing Tatum.  Without you and your sexy good looks, I’d have no traffic at all.  You rock.

Next, Paul Walker.  For a time, you were almost the only reason anyone came here.  Your star has faded a bit (for now) and Channing Tatum is in the #1 spot.  But I’m sure your day will come once again.

And how could I forget Hot Guys in general?  I mean, without Hot Guys I would be nowhere.

There are many others, like Matthew Fox, Matt Lanter, Jeff Wilson, and Ryan Phillippe, that need to be noticed as well.  For a brief time, while I was doing “Friday Flesh”, you were a bright spot on my blog. 

Of course in the meantime I’ve told a few stories and recorded a few podcasts… but nobody gives a shit about those anyway.  People just want the man-flesh. Screw the stories. 

So… thank you gentlemen.  Without you, I’m nothing.