Shady Guy, PI

While getting ready for work this morning, I noticed that there was a message on my cell phone.  As I completed my getting-ready process, I listened to the message.

“Mr. Aliellio… Ayellio…. yes… this is Mr. Old Guy With A Screechy Voice calling.  Yes, Mr. Arellero, I am investigating an accident that occurred in June of 2005 that you witnessed.  I would appreciate if you could call me back at your earliest convenience at the following number…”

I was a tad surprised, to say the least.  I had all but forgotten about that accident, figuring that nothing had been done since it happened.  And now, more than a year later, I’m getting a call. 

Since I was on my way out the door, I figured I’d call him back when I got a chance.  But as the day wore on, I forgot about the mysterious message. 

As I was leaving work, my phone rang again. 

Investigator Guy: Mr. Ayellero?  Arellio?

Me: Aiello, yes.

IG: Sorry, Mr. Aiello, this is Mr. Screechy-Voiced Old Guy.  I left you a message earlier today.

Me: Yes, I got the message, sorry I didn’t call back.

IG: Yes, well I am calling about the accident that you witnessed in June of 2005.  Would there be a time and place where we can meet for a few minutes so I can ask you some questions?

Me: Are you an attorney?

IG: No, I’m an investigator. 

Me: I see, well, I would prefer to talk in a public place, so how about (I give him the location I had in mind) on Monday?

IG: That would be fine, I’ll see you at (the location) on Monday.

That’s an abbreviated version of our conversation, but basically he said that the guy that was hit didn’t have any insurance.  I’m not sure if he’s investigating on behalf of the victim or the person who struck him, but I guess I’ll figure that out when we talk.

I can see everything that happened as plain as if it happened yesterday.  Of course, it helped that I wrote it all in a post as soon as I got home last year.  Funny thing, these blogs… they’re a nice reference system for things you need to recall at a moment’s notice.

The guy did sound shady though.  So I have to wonder what the deal is.  And considering nobody has called or asked me any questions until now, I have to wonder what’s been going on for the last year and two months. 

More to come on Monday…