PadCast #18: Higher Ground

PadCast #18_ Higher Ground

Wow!  I think this is three PadCasts in one month.  What’s wrong with me?

Well… I’ve been working a lot on getting the PadCast to the “next level” as they say… and with the help of a fellow podcaster named JayT, I’ve fixed things and gotten things back on track.  I met JayT this past weekend at the Gay Bloggers Chicago event and he’s a great guy! Please visit JayT, and check out his shows!

So… higher ground.  That’s where I’m trying to head with my life.  That’s where I’m heading with all of my situations in life.  And it’s also where I’m heading with the Pad and the PadCasts.  And with the support of great people like JayT, Scott-O-Rama and all of you out there who read, listen, and support me… I’m heading there.

Music: Higher Ground – Stevie Wonder (Innervisions) iTunes Download
The Tide Is High – Blondie (Greatest Hits) iTunes Download