Terror Alerts Return– JUST IN TIME!

Yesterday I was having a discussion with friends about the recent ‘uncovered’ terrorist plans on airlines between Britan and the US. Some of my friends cancelled their travel plans either because of the heightened security risks, or because their family would freak out if they flew right now.  Others planned to go one with their trips as planned– or just returned from a trip telling stories of the lengthy wait at the airport.

Everyone there had a different opinion on the situation, but most of them were just bummed that they couldn’t take their eye cream or lotions on board with them. Doesn’t matter to me… I always check that crap anyway.

But then I said, “You know, this is all just a ploy to convince everyone to vote Republican in the upcoming elections … it probably never really happened anyway.”

Boy you should have seen the fire brew up. “What do you mean? That we planned all of this ourselves? It’s just like all this talk about the 9/11 Conspiracy.” And various other comments.

I stand by my comment. The timing is sickeningly perfect. After practically forgetting about it for months, we raise that terror level to RED for the first time ever. Everyone’s on alert. “We’re still at war,” says Bush. Vote Republican! 

I sure hope more people can see through this pure attempt at spin, because I sure can.  The tail is wagging the dog yet again.

PadCast #17: Rainy Day Feeling

PadCast #17_ Rainy Day Feeling

OK, lest you think today’s PadCast is going to be all depressing and weepy and “woe is me”, think again.  I was actually quite chipper when I recorded it.  Maybe I was just tired (considering how late it was), or maybe I’m just sick and tired of being mopey.

The main reason I chose the title was the music, but it also has something to do with the weather, which has been incredibly dreary lately.  Where is our sun!?!?

Anyway… lots of talk about all of my bad luck lately, and how it finally seems to be getting a little bit better.  It’s about time!  Also discussing the Gay Bloggers:Chicago event this Saturday at Cocktail, and the Podcasting Awards… have you voted yet???

So drop it in your iPod, click it and listen… do whatever you wish.  Just do it, and let me know what you think!

Music:  (Opening) Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling: The Fortunes song only (iTunes)

Music: (Closing) Another Rainy Day In New York City: Chicago / Chicago X (partial album only on iTunes)