Ode To A Dead Car

O sweet Acheiva. 

We had such a time together, you and I.

But alas, our time has now come to an end.

You were a reliable and ready companion.  We took many trips together across open lands and crowded highways.

But our time together was fleeting, and I’m afraid it’s time to say farewell.

“Head gaskets,” the mechanic said.  “Engine mounts.” 

$2,500 to replace it all,” he added.  “It’s just not worth it.”

O, though my heart doth bleed, I have to agree with him.

We’ve lived through blizzards and heat waves.  You’ve sustained more bumps and bruises than an 8 year old child. 

And yet you always started when I inserted my rigid key into your ignition…

And gave it a hearty twist.

Ahhh… the purr of kittens.  The thunder of horses. How I shall miss it.

For our time together must now end.  And another must take your place.

You were a faithful companion, O sweet Achieva. 

May you rust in pieces forevermore.