Whatever happened to…

…Tribe?  Remember how much fun Tribe was a couple years back?  It was on Tribe (and specificially the Gay Bloggers Tribe) where I met and got to know so many fellow bloggers in 2004-2005.  Then Tribe went through a few redesigns and changed ownerships and managements a few times, and suddenly people became disenchanted with it.  It’s still there… I was there just the other day, and all the topics and discussions remain, but nobody really uses it anymore. 

…The Terror Alert System?  Remember how Orange meant “High” and Red meant “Severe”?  And a few other colors meant a few other things, but we never used them anyway?  Now, a few years, and many Department of Homeland Security Chairs later, the Terror Alert System has gone almost the way of the Civil Defense system– out the window with the packs of provisional crackers.  Oh sure, it’s still there… but does anyone even pay attention to it anymore?  Your government dollars at work, folks.

…Compassionate Conservativism?  When King George ran for president in 2000, he promised “Compassionate Conservatism” as a main goal of his presidency.  Instead, he delivered an iron fist to everything from gay marriage to stem cell research, started a meaningless war, and created more rivalry between political parties and the “right” and “left” than ever before.  Compassionate Conservatism could have worked– if it had the right architect at the helm.  Instead, we got Bozo the Clown and his faith-based initiatives.  Thanks, Dubya!

…Dating?  It seems that nobody dates anymore.  And yes, I speak from experience here, but I’m also talking about my friends.  Has dating gone the way of “wooing” and “courting”?  Has our desire for instant gratification become so out of control that nobody cares about taking our time and making things work anymore?  Hell, even the definition of a “boyfriend” or “girlfriend” has changed from “someone I care deeply about” to “someone that I look great with and I have great sex with.”  Some relationship!

…The Democratic Party?  Back in the day of Bill Clinton, the Democratic Party was a force to be reckoned with.  There was true solidarity and a collective voice.  One cum-stain later, and everything was a shambles.  There was more in-fighting and finger-pointing than a trailer park on a weekday evening.  November is coming up fast… have we figured things out enough to win back some seats in the House and Senate?  Or are we doomed to live out the rest of these four final “W” years in a state of disarray and panic?  Let’s get to work, people…

…S&H Green Stamps?  The other day, I was reading a magazine that one of my managers at work gave me called “Reminisce”.  It was filled with pictures and memories from the 1900s to the 1970s.  One section had pictures of S&H Green Stamps and merchandise that you could buy using them.  I immediately remembered my mom collecting these booklets when I was a kid, then browsing the catalog for nifty things to buy.  Well believe it or not, S&H Green Stamps are still around, but they are now called S&H Greenpoints.  I’m not sure how it all works now, but it’s nice to know that an old institution like this still exists.

…My “Year of the Dog” Prediction?  Back in February, I wrote about this year being a “Year of the Dog” in terms of the Chinese calendar, and that the last time we were in a “Year of the Dog” I went through a great deal of change.  Well the year isn’t even half over yet and my dad has died.  I don’t see how much worse things can get… so let’s hope the rest of the year brings only good changes to me and my family. 

…Lance Bass of ‘N-Sync?  Well according to this article, he’s finally come out as gay (as if we didn’t know) and dating that Reichen guy from The Amazing Race.  Some guys just have to have it all.