PadCast #16: True Colors

PadCast #16_ True Colors

Wow.  What a crazy week.

Between the going out almost every single night to the oppressive heat to the countless hot gay men (and girls) from countries far and wide invading this city, there’s no doubt that Chicago was the gayest place on Earth.

But now it’s over.  And life, somehow, has to return back to normal.

I’m glad that I got a chance to at least go to the opening and closing ceremonies.  If I hadn’t gone, I would have felt like I missed something, for sure… but now that I’ve been there and experienced it firsthand, I know I would have hated myself in the end.

Today’s PadCast sums up my feelings on the Gay Games– from the ridiculously long opening ceremonies, to the perfectly timed and performed closing ceremonies; and of course highlighting the appearance of the delightful Cyndi Lauper, dressed only as Cyndi could be dressed– in Pride Statue of Liberty drag.  Gotta love her.

So after listening, please comment and let me know your thoughts on the games.  Were you there?  What did you see?  What did you hate?  What did you love?  And would you ever go if you had the chance?

And while you’re at it, check these out and do some browsing ’round:

Music:  (Opening) Cyndi Lauper: True ColorsThe Body Acoustic (iTunes)

Music: (Closing) Cyndi Lauper: True ColorsThe Essential: Cyndi Lauper (iTunes)