Meme: 5 Things In…

OK I’m really trying to lighten the mood here a bit… so I visited New York Moments and found this meme.  I already answered in her comments, but I’m posting it here for your enjoyment and perusal.

Things always in my purse: 
Yeah ok I have a purse.  It’s called a work bag.  But why not call it a Man Purse?  After all, it has everything I need in there, such as:
1. iPod
2. Keys
3. Camera (if needed)
4. Excedrin (THE headache medicine!)
5. A pen and pad of paper.

Things in my wallet:
1. Receipts
2. Useless credit cards
3. Business cards from people I don’t remember
4. Driver’s License
5. Emergency Info

Things in my fridge:
1. Sourdough starter
2. Ancient bread
3. Smelly milk
4. Crusty leftovers
5. Hardened cheese

Things in my closet:
1. Clothes that don’t fit
2. Clothes that I’m sick of wearing
3. Clothes I’ll never wear again
4. Dustbunnies
5. Sheets that haven’t been washed in 2 months

Things in my car:
1. Parking receipts
2. Fast food bags
3. Blankets and towels from when I left the window open in the rain
4. Insurance cards
5. More garbage

Things on my desk:
1. Computer
2. CDs
3. Pens and pencils
4. Papers
5. A glass that I used for water

People to tag:
You can tag yourselves if you want to. (Oooh! Kinky!) 😀