Good lord… I’m coming up on 200 thousand hits.

Holy crap.

Who the hell is reading this thing?  I can’t get over that.


Meme: 5 Things In…

OK I’m really trying to lighten the mood here a bit… so I visited New York Moments and found this meme.  I already answered in her comments, but I’m posting it here for your enjoyment and perusal.

Things always in my purse: 
Yeah ok I have a purse.  It’s called a work bag.  But why not call it a Man Purse?  After all, it has everything I need in there, such as:
1. iPod
2. Keys
3. Camera (if needed)
4. Excedrin (THE headache medicine!)
5. A pen and pad of paper.

Things in my wallet:
1. Receipts
2. Useless credit cards
3. Business cards from people I don’t remember
4. Driver’s License
5. Emergency Info

Things in my fridge:
1. Sourdough starter
2. Ancient bread
3. Smelly milk
4. Crusty leftovers
5. Hardened cheese

Things in my closet:
1. Clothes that don’t fit
2. Clothes that I’m sick of wearing
3. Clothes I’ll never wear again
4. Dustbunnies
5. Sheets that haven’t been washed in 2 months

Things in my car:
1. Parking receipts
2. Fast food bags
3. Blankets and towels from when I left the window open in the rain
4. Insurance cards
5. More garbage

Things on my desk:
1. Computer
2. CDs
3. Pens and pencils
4. Papers
5. A glass that I used for water

People to tag:
You can tag yourselves if you want to. (Oooh! Kinky!) 😀

Things Learned at the Gay Games so far

Preface: In the interest of clarity, I am using the word “Gay” to mean Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Trasgendered, Queer, Bear, Twink, Dyke, Eunuch, Pre-Op, Post-Op, Gender-Unspecific, or any other term to describe any person that is NOT YOUR GENERAL HETEROSEXUAL.

1. Gay people love to put on a show.

2. Some Gay people also love for that show to go on for 4 1/2 hours. Some do NOT.

3. Some Gay people also love to let every Tom, Dick and Mary get on a platform and prattle on for 15 minutes about how persecuted and maligned we are.

4. Most Gay people know how persecuted and maligned we are already without needing someone telling us this.

5. Gay people are all over the world– from the most populous countries to the most desolate.

6. Gay people appreciate the sacrifices that people make to travel hundreds, even thousands, of miles to be in one city for a combined purpose.

7. Gay people love a good streaker.

8. Gay people love Megan Mullaly, Margaret Cho, Kate Clinton, Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley, and Fireworks.

9. Some Gay people like to write songs with lyrics like “We are gay men and lesbian women”.

10. Most Gay people cringe when they hear songs with the lyrics mentioned in #8.

11. All Gay people sweat profusely in 84 degree heat. At night. With 85% humidity.

12. Gay people only want to be treated equally– as human beings.*

13. Gay people don’t like George Bush.*

14. Gay people need to realize that AIDS is not over.*

15. Gay people also need to realize that HIV Positive does not mean dead.*

16. Gay people need to continue to stand up to bigots, embrace those who embrace us, and remain diligent in our fight for equality.*

17. Gay people need to learn to laugh at themselves.

18. Gay people make great allies. But do yourself a favor and don’t cross us. We make BAD enemies.

19. Many Gay people co-mingle with like body types: Bears with bears, twinks with twinks, muscle-boys with muscle boys.

20. It’s rare to see Gay people co-mingling with other types, but those who do are much happier and more secure with themselves.

* I knew these already, but they were hammered home quite frequently at recent events.