Richard L. Aiello, Sr. 1938-2006

[Updated 7/4/06]

Dear Readers of the Launching Pad-

It’s Scott (aka Scott-O-Rama) here. Unfortunately I have to share some sad news with you on behalf of Rick.

Rick’s father, Richard L. Aiello, Sr., passed away today at his home in Kenosha, Wisconsin. As many of you know, Rick was on a camping trip in Michigan with friends this weekend when he found out the news. I talked to Rick, and he is currently driving home to Kenosha to be with his family.

In talking to Rick, it is obvious he loved his father a great deal. I am sure many of you will want to offer your support and condolences. Rick will not be able to access his blog or e-mail from Kenosha, and details at this point are still being decided. I will post an update as soon as I know how you should best contact Rick.

Rick tells me that the photo in the post below was his father’s favorite, and as such, also became Rick’s favorite too. It’s of his father, his sister, and Rick from when they were growing up. I think even through this picture you can tell that there was much love in his family.

Rick, we all love you and our thoughts are with you during this difficult time.

With deepest sympathy,

Update: Rick has sent me all the details regarding the funeral, addresses, etc. If you would like this information, please send me an e-mail at scott -at- scott-o-rama [dawt] com, and I will forward it to you.