Five Questions for: Crash and Byrne

Last week I posted my answers to the questions posed by Dirk Mancuso… and I asked if anyone would like to be interviewed. Two people responded, and here is the first set of questions:

Crash (and Byrne) is a New York blogger that I met briefly while I was in out there recently, but I didn’t have a chance to really get to know him all that well. I’m glad he asked me to interview him, because as I read through his blog carefully, I noticed that he and I have a lot of things in common—especially when it comes to self-image and self-esteem… even down to the tone of voice used in our posts. I feel like I’m getting to know a kindred spirit. So Crash, next time you’re in Chicago or I’m in NYC… we have to talk. 🙂

Here are your questions:

1. In one of your recent posts, you talk about being hit on at a bar, and then you list the requirements for someone to date you. All kidding aside (as I am quite sure you weren’t serious when you wrote that, because in my cynical mind, I think a lot of the same things about myself), what are the REAL things that you hope for in a dating relationship?

2. You mentioned in another post that you have dreams where you are visited by your late grandfather. I have had similar dreams as well, only they are with my grandmother. I visit her in her second to last apartment (the one I liked the best) and we just sit and talk, although I can never remember what we talk about when I wake up. What would you like to talk to your grandfather about, and why do you think he wants to talk to you?

3. You’re in the middle of a pretty intense job search right now. I feel your pain about your current job, because I have felt extremely under-appreciated for the last few years—but I simply HATE the thought of having to update (in this case, re-write) my resume, hunt for job openings, and pound the pavement looking for something better. What are the three top requirements you have for a new position, and why would they help you choose whether or not the company is right for you?

4. Your blog name, Crash and Byrne, seems to be the running theme throughout your blog persona. Do you really feel that life is full of “Crashing” and “Burning”? How do you rebuild yourself after a “Crash and Burn” episode?

5. Your use of sarcasm makes me giggle like a schoolgirl. I fully believe that sarcasm is our friend. Do you subscribe to that notion?