I'm moving!

I’m packing my bags, and I’m ready to go…

Time to leave this rat-infested flea-hole and find a new joint to hang my hat.

OK OK… I’m not moving out of Chicago or even out of my apartment.

I’m just switching web hosting services.

So… if you happen to drop by the Pad this weekend and find it missing in action, you’ll know why.

Hopefully I will be back up and running��(BETTER THAN EVER!) very soon!

When I return, I’ll have tons of things to share with you, such as…

** Another podcast, this time NOT mentioning how nobody listens to it, because I happen to know that you do. Thanks!

** Pictures and stories from Chicago’s Pride Parade and all the debaucherous things that may happen!

** Interview questions for Crash of Crash and Byrne and MC of DrainBamaged!

** What I plan to do with Hot Toddy when he comes to town for the Gay Games. 🙂

Have a great weekend, everyone!