Wearing my crown

I’ve never been much for head-wear.

Hats have never fit me well. I always look like my overly-round head is being squooshed into the thing. It’s never a pretty sight.

Of course, my head is probably 5 sizes too fat for any normal-sized hat… but that’s probably also just me being (once again) negative about myself.

So the idea of wearing a crown isn’t exactly ideal to me, as you can imagine.

Especially if it’s a crown that goes INSIDE my head, and not ON my head.

Today I was fitted for such a crown… one that will go on top of what’s left of my tooth.

Let me tell you… it is NOT a pleasant experience.

I managed like a trooper though. And my dentist is an ace with that novacane, let me tell you. She knows right where to aim that needle so I don’t feel a doggone thing.

But there’s nothing nastier than the smell of ground-up tooth. And feeling an enormous gap in your mouth where a tooth once resided is very, very strange.

But in the course of an hour and 1/2, I was molded, drilled, ground down, molded again, and fitted with a temporary crown. And then I was on my way.

The temporary crown is made of plastic and has a rough, sandpaper-like feel to it. It feels very strange. It is shaped just like my old tooth. It’s the strangest sensation.

The actual porcelain crown will be ready in about 3 weeks.

But before I can even get the thing ‘installed’… I have to pay for it. And holy fucking hell… is it expensive!

Before insurance, it’s about $950. For a fucking TOOTH made of bathroom sink material.

After insurance, it’s $600. I have great insurance, don’t I?

So now you see why I didn’t go on that big boat ride! Even though I am not quite sure how I’m going to come up with all that money AND pay my rent.

It sucks being poor.