Cruise, Interrupted

Sometimes I get so swept up in making grand plans to do things that I don’t take the time to think rationally about what the end consequences can be.

Case in point: My cruise in January of next year.

When I paid the deposit on the cruise, I had a nice little reserve of cash that would go toward a fun, exciting, and exotic event– unlike any I had ever experienced before. I read all of the brochures, I went to the websites, and got wrapped up in all the excitement. I figured I could make it work.

A month or so later, everything has changed.

Medical bills came in from my recent bout with kidney stones. Dental bills began piling up after my root canal. And in the meantime, my rent fell behind a month while I tried to pay everything and keep my head above water.

Something had to give. So the cruise had to go.

I just hung up with Atlantis, and they are going to refund the $500 deposit I paid back to my debit card.

It’s good to dream big. But sometimes it’s necessary to infuse a little pinch of reality into those dreams, just to make sure they’re the right dreams to have.

The day will come when I can afford a big, luxurious trip on a huge ocean liner. So what if that day isn’t coming this year or next. I can wait.

In the meantime, I look forward to weekend trips and camping excursions. They’re just as much fun, and they don’t wreck the pocketbook nearly as badly.