GB:NYC3 In Pictures

I love digital cameras, but sometimes the hard part is getting the pics off the camera and distributed for the world to see… so without any further ado, here is my weekend in pictures. (Click the pics to view them larger on my Flickr account… there’s more pics there as well!):

Karen and Patrick

Karen and Patrick, at Barrage, just after I arrived.

Matthew wants some Tuna

Matthew (a/k/a MAK) getting some Tuna action at Barrage.

Keeping Dry in New York City

Patrick, Karen and me getting rained on at Times Square.

Karen and Patrick at Rockefeller Ctr

Patrick and Karen posing at Rockefeller Center.

The guy's real.. the girl isn't.

Hot model in Boutique Window

Hello, Karen?

Karen and Aaron sharin’ a chat

Karen, Brian and Mark

Karen, Brian and Mark at XL

Jase and Sean

Jase and Sean at the Eagle

Karen and Patrick chat in Central Park

Karen and Patrick chatting in Central Park

Karen and Patrick at Bethesda

Visiting Bethesda Fountain

Patrick and Karen

Karen and Patrick on the pier… LOVE this pic. 🙂
Patrick and Rick

Patrick and me on the pier

Sleeping Beauties

Sexy Sleeping Beauties

Steamed Little Juicy Buns

Steamed Juicy Buns. Right on.
Eight is Enough?

Six is enough? Hardly!

Ok… so after this it’s back to my usual drivel. 🙂