NYC Diary Pt. 2: Drenched and Drinks

Day 2 of the GB:NYC3 Event started with more of the same– rain.¬† But that didn’t deter the intrepid trio of Karen, Patrick and me from exploring the city in our special way.

Karen decided to take her umbrella, but Patrick and I, being “men”, I suppose, decided to leave ours home.¬† Bad decision.¬† Karen’t umbrella was just enough to cover herself… Patrick and I were left to soak.¬† Oh well, that’s what we get.

The first stop was brunch at Louie’s diner, a place a few blocks from Patrick’s pad on the Upper West Side.¬† After that we hit some stores and then headed toward Times Square.¬†

This was my third visit to Times Square, and I have yet to visit on a nice, cool, sunny day.  The first time it was hot as hell and sunny.  Made for nice pictures, but we just about died.  The second time, it was cold and rainy.  And this time it was muggy and rainy.  Seems the rain loves me in NYC. 

By the time we reached Times Square it was absolutely pouring, so we ducked into (of all things) the Toys ‘R’ Us store– mainly to find a bathroom.¬† Karen is a master at finding bathrooms in retail stores.¬† Sometimes she asks someone, but other times, she just has a radar built in that guides her directly to the door.¬† Love her for that.

After we emptied our bladders and took some pictures with the giant T-Rex (see my Fickr account for the full story in photos), we headed toward 7th Avenue, we were gawked at all the beautiful men (as if being in that particular location were going to stop us from gawking) and took photos of nearly-naked models at stores like Abercrombie and Fitch.  I thought we would lose Patrick a few times there.  At the very least, we would have to buy him new underwear.

We met up with Aaron Edwards a/k/a 1000 Words and More at the IBM Building atrium, with some of his Flickr friends.  It was nice to finally meet Aaron after all this time.  It was also nice to sit and rest a while.

We headed back to Patrick’s apartment to get ready for the nighttime excursions.¬† First stop was XL, a bar that I had visited with my friend Ellizzette in 2004, in Chelsea.¬† There we met Mark and Brian and David (Someone in a Tree) and had a few drinks to start out the night.¬† Afterward we headed over to Gym, a sports bar, for a few more drinks, then to Better Burger (which wasn’t all that much better than any other burger I’ve had, IMHO) before walking… and walking… and walking… and WALKING… to the Eagle for the next blogger meet and greet.

Now I have to confess something here.¬† When I heard that we were convening at the Eagle, I was a little nervous for Karen.¬† See, in Chicago, we also have an Eagle.¬† It’s a dark, dingy, and VERY cruisy leather bar, right next to (and attached to) Man’s Country, a sleazy bath house.¬† So yeah, I was a little concerned.¬† But the Eagle in New York is a huge place, with two floors and a rooftop deck.¬† Yeah it was dark and cruisy and all, but it was much more like a ‘typical’ bar than the one in Chicago.¬† Karen was just fine.¬† Not to mention, she was with her boys.¬† We took care of her.

This morning started with a walk through Central Park and trips to Greenwich Village, the Christopher Street Pier, and all spots in between.  Now Karen and I are resting while Patrick is at work, and getting ready for our last night together.  Sigh.

It’s been a wonderful, whirlwind weekend.¬† I’m so glad I did it.¬† I needed this trip.¬† Yeah I could use the money that I spent back in my pocket, but hey… you only live once.¬† So I’m just gonna live and love it.

Wish me a safe flight back. 🙂