NYC Diary Pt. 1: Safe and sound

Everything’s wonderful in New York City!

Well… it’s a little bit cloudy… and it’s cold… and it rained all night long last night.

But I’m here, and that makes it wonderful. 🙂

Oddly enough, my flight from Chicago to New York was the ONLY ONE that took off and landed ON TIME. Apparently there was an incredible deluge in New York yesterday that washed out the subway system, the airports, streets, and buildings all over town.  Patrick, my lovely host, showed me a picture of water seeping from the light fixtures in the lobby of his building.  Crazy!
When I arrived at LaGuardia Airport, I at first chuckled at all the trash cans positioned under the ceiling to catch rain water.  “What a dump,” I thought.  But then I heard people tell about the horrible rainstorms early in the day, so I figured something must have been horribly wrong.  But still.

Then I got to the baggage claim area.  Oh. My. God.  There was luggage EVERYWHERE.  All over the floors.  Between each claim belt.  And they were ALL from Chicago.  People from my flight started looking for their bags, wondering if maybe they just unloaded them and dumped them there unceremoniously.  But upon closer inspection, they were from three previous flights.  Apparently, the people landed safely, but the luggage was seriously delayed.  I had to wonder where all the people were that belonged to all that luggage.

But I was lucky.  My flight took off on time, landed on time, and I got my bag.  And by midnight, I was in a cab on my way to Patrick’s apartment.  And by 1am, I was drinking a vodka and tonic with Karen (Tuna Girl), Mark (Zeitzeuge), Patrick (The Traveling Spotlight), Matthew (Cows in the Barn), and Scott (Palochi), among many others.  Ahhh.  Sweet release.
So now it’s Saturday and me, Patrick and Karen are heading out to breakfast.  We have no plans.  And that’s just the way we like it.

More (and hopefully pictures) later!