PadCast #13: Holiday

PadCast #13_ Holiday

I’m baaaack!

The title of this “Pad-Cast” is twofold– a return from my self-imposed podcasting “holiday”, and a nod to the obivous– the three-day-weekend of the Memorial Day holiday.

Clever ain’t I? 😉

I got back from the beach today and just decided it was time to dust off the microphone and see what happened. So take a listen… and let me know what you think.

Music: Elton John: Rocket Man ’03 (Remix EP- on iTunes) ; Madonna: Holiday (The Immaculate Collection – on iTunes)

Madness Ensues

Summer has begun (unofficially) with a bang, a snap, and a show of jazz hands.

Bob Fosse would be proud.

Last weekend it was frigid.  I’m talking almost icicle weather here, folks.  This weekend it’s in the 90s.  Hot and humid.  Like an oven… only outdoors.  And humid… since ovens aren’t exactly known for their humidity.
Yeah! baby!  Summer has arrived!

I’m brown and beautiful after last weekend’s bike ride and this weekend’s visit to the beach (which will be repeated tomorrow.)  I’m feeling all hot and fit because I’ve been riding my bike everywhere.  In the heat.

Yes, this is what we in Chicago call Summer Madness. People vacate their homes, leaving them dirty and unswept, for the lure of the great, hot outdoors. Some (like me) leave their air conditioners on all day long so that when they get home they can enter the cool, wonderful artificial atmosphere and relax after a hard day’s play.

And in among all this madness is even more madness– leather daddies and their dog-boy slaves walking the sidewalks of the Magnificent Mile, next to desperate housewives and religious fantics alike, shopping for deals at the Gap and the Limited, and finding new toys at the Apple Store.

The funny thing is, it isn’t even truly summer yet. We still have three weeks of spring left to go.

Anyone care to guess how long and hot this one’s gonna be?

Anyone else care to guess what else is on my mind? 😉