Writer's Block

Lately whenever I get to the “Write Post” screen for my blog, I sit and stare at a blank window.

I’ll start a post, only to let save it in my drafts and forget about it. I have nine of these never-completed posts in my drafts as I speak. I doubt they’ll ever be finished.

I just can’t think of anything to say.

Oh sure, the occasional meme or recap of a weekend’s activities might flow freely… but the days of being able to spout off some interesting observation of a recent event; whether it be in my own life or in the news or in the world of politics; seems to be over.

For now.

So I am taking a bit of a hiatus from writing.

I just need to find my voice again. I don’t know where it’s gone, or how to get it back at this point. But when it returns, you’ll know.

Besides, it’s going to be summer soon. So much to do. You know the routine.

I’ll certainly be writing about the New York trip in June and other things as they come up. But I’m just not going to force myself to write anything unless I have something to say anymore. It just doesn’t flow as freely as it used to.

Good lord, am I suffering from old age already? 😉

Have a great week everyone.