I've Been Around

OK, laugh if you must. But for some reason, after the week and weekend I’ve had, this was the first thing that popped into my head.

To say this week has been active is a grave understatement. Most things were good. Really good. And others were just sort of… OK. I’ve already talked about my tooth woes (which will be continued tomorrow), and the big office move that made my life hell this last week; so here’s a few other things that have gone on in the past few days:


OK OK OK… There are SO many things wrong with that statement. First of all, I’m gay. Hello. But I do like baseball, so there! But there is still a lot wrong with that statement. If you said it’s because I’m a Cubs fan, you win the crying towel. OK yeah, so the Cubs suck right now and I’ll be the first to admit it. But when you get free tickets to see a baseball game– in a Skybox– you don’t pass them up. EVER. And it doesn’t matter if you know anything about the game, or if you even like the team or not. You go. And you eat the food and drink the drinks and when the dessert cart comes around, you pick the chocolatiest, yummiest thing on the tray and say “DIET BE DAMNED!” and dig in.

So that was Wednesday. After the Root Canal. No stupid tooth surgery is going to keep me away from that. 🙂

Bicycle! Bicycle! Bicycle!

I bought a new bike while I was in Kenosha recently. It’s a Trek 7100 Hybrid in blue and silver… the picture at the left is exactly the bike I have. It’s amazing. I’m used to riding bikes and hurting for days afterward– but this bike (and many like it these days) has a suspension system and a spring-suspended seat. Now that’s what I call nifty. I brought it home last Saturday and rode around just a little bit, figuring I’d get some rides in during the week; but with the week I had (and the weather we had as well– it’s been COLD lately), I haven’t had a chance until this weekend. It was still cold outside, but I figured if I spent that money on the bike, I’m sure as hell gonna use it. So… could this be the start of a “new” me? Actually getting exercise (and driving less)? We shall see. But… if you are in Chicago and like to go riding, drop me a line and let me know!

So nice to finally meet you!

After he gave CGMC’s show “The Ten Commandments” rave reviews, I got to know Spencer of Streaming Weltanschauung and various other blogs a little bit better– so he invited me to a cookout at his place. So I grabbed a bottle of booze, shoved it in my backpack, and rode my bike up the path to his place. At first I was a little intimidated, as I only knew Spencer out of anyone else in the crowd– and even then, I was just meeting him in person for the first time. But then a few of my chorus friends walked in and everything was just fine. 🙂 A little later, some fellow bloggers joined the party: Palochi (who I’ve known since probably the beginning of the Internets, it’s been so long), Alan Gentry of Alan’s Adventure (who I met at the Feast of Fools Meet & Greet), and ToddSpot, who I hadn’t met before. Since most of us hadn’t really met any other gay bloggers in the Chicago area before, we decided to take some group pictures on one of Spencer’s balconies (he has three for cryin’ out loud… and check out this view!)

Spencer with the lights of Lake Shore Drive behind him.

The Chicago Blogboys: Alan Gentry, Scott (Palochi), ToddSpot, Spencer, and Me.

After the party, I spent the evening with some of the friends who showed up at Spencer’s place playing Trivial Pursuit and drinking. I did a lot of drinking this weekend. It’s a wonder I got up in time for…

Happy Mother’s Day!

I did get up in time, and had a lovely brunch at my sister’s home with our mom and her husband’s mom. I actually look forward to spending time with my family. I like that. I appreciate them so much, as I appreciate all mothers and fathers. It’s not easy to be a parent– never has been, and never will be. So as far as I’m concerned, a day to honor your mother and a day to honor your father is extremely well-deserved. So Happy Mother’s Day to all of you mothers out there reading this. You know who you are. 🙂

My sister got Mom a new phone and a plant, and there was no way she would be able to set up the phone or carry the plant out of the car, so I followed her home and surprised my dad with a visit. He couldn’t make it to my sister’s house because of his condition of course. 😦

So I picked some lilies of the valley for my mom (they grow in their backyard) and cut some lilacs and put them around the house. Now she can enjoy them inside as well as outside.

I got home around 7:30 and readied myself for the second-to-last episodes of my favorite TV shows, Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy. And let me tell you, they didn’t disappoint, but that Grey’s Anatomy is THE BEST SHOW ON TELEVISION. I mean My GOD. I was literally SCREAMING at my TV for a character NOT to do something at the very end. Amazing. If you watch the show, and haven’t seen it yet, you NEED to see this episode. If you don’t watch the show and don’t know what I’m talking about, you NEED to buy the DVDs and catch up. Trust me. I’m not giving anything away here in case you missed it. But yeah. It was great. And it concludes tomorrow night. I seriously can’t wait.

Oh by the way… the writers of Grey’s Anatomy have a blog that is required reading if you watch the show. It’s called Grey Matter… click it and check it.

So … that was my week, and my weekend. All summed up in a too-damn-long post that you probably won’t even read. But at least I got it all out there. 🙂 Let’s just hope this week goes a little better (and easier). One can only hope.