Further adventures of the Tooth Fairy

Yesterday was a crazy day.

As I mentioned previously, our office is being moved from the 43rd floor of our building to the 46th floor. Initially we were supposed to move over this coming weekend, but it was pushed up to Wednesday because our new office space was going to be ready earlier than planned– and since the office services department had over 100 people to move, the sooner they could get one group moved the better.

Good for them, but bad for us. It just made our lives about 10x more crazy.

So yesterday was the official moving day. At 5:00 the Tech Services guys were going to start coming to disconnect our computers and phones– so essentially we had to shut down. Everyone was scurrying around trying to beat the clock, finishing projects as necessary.

As lunchtime approached, everyone decided to order in since were so busy. This isn’t unusual– we order in a lot because we are busy a lot, but more people went in on this order than usual just to get it done. We ordered from Pockets because they’re fast, the food’s good, and it’s fresh.

So I started eating my Asian pocket (yummy!) when I felt something go “CRUNCH” inside my mouth.

It could have been an overly crunchy crispy noodle. It could have been a particlarly hard piece of bread. Or it could have been that my tooth, which had been giving me some pain as of late, had finally given out under all the pressure.

If you chose option #3– the tooth… you were right.

See, I had some pain in that tooth for a long time, but I hadn’t been to a dentist since I moved to Chicago– nearly ten years ago. I knew that I needed to see someone, but with the multitude of dentists out there, I had no idea where to begin.

Now, as I finished my lunch and felt around the tooth area and realized what had happened, I knew that I had to make a choice– and fast.

Somehow, I had lost a filling. A filling that probably has been there since I was in grade school… who knows. But all that was left was what felt like an enormous, gaping HOLE in my tooth.

“Great,” I said to myself in disbelief. “This isn’t exactly what I had planned for today!”

I called the dentist that I had intended on seeing to make an appointment. They couldn’t get me in until the 6th of June. That wasn’t going to work.

So I started talking to people in the office, and my manager called his dentist to see if they could fit me in today or tomorrow. About half an hour later they called me back and I had an appointment for 3:15.

The office is only a few blocks away from work, which I found to be very convenient. The other office was midway between work and home.

The good news: I wasn’t really in a ton of pain. However the filling broke, it didn’t do it in a place where the root was exposed. That would have killed me.

The bad news: Even though the good news was the case, when the dentist started drilling, she realized that the root was infected. Which means… a root canal.

Just what I had feared. I’ve heard for years about how painful (and expensive) root canals could be. Now I was going to experience it all for myself.

There’s nothing worse than the smell of tooth and old fillings being ground up by a dentist’s drill. NOTHING. That acrid smell will stick with me for a very long time.

But at least I’m about halfway done with the procedure now, and while I’m still in some pain (it doesn’t hurt nearly as much as I thought it would– yet), I know that I’m in good hands. The procedure will be finished on Monday, and then I have to have the tooth capped. Then I will go in for a full cleaning– after I recover financially and physically from all of this trauma.

At one point, as they were readying me to take X-rays of my entire mouth, the dentist mentioned something about hoping not to do a root canal. I said “I figured that, which is why I didn’t want to wait before the pain got any worse.”

She said “Well, you already waited long enough…”

Nice… gotta love a dentist with a sarcastic sense of humor.