New York City, here I come!

It’s official! I booked my ticket yesterday for the third Gay Bloggers in NYC event! (See the sidebar for the nifty logo!)

I’ll be flying out Friday night after work and returning Monday morning EARLY.. hopefully in enough time to make it to work. (I know, I’m crazy– but I can’t ask for the day off, unfortunately.)

While I’m there, I’ll be hobnobbing with such blogging elite as Tuna Girl, The Traveling Spotlight, Zeitzeuge, Cows inthe Barn, Joe My God, Watersea’s Ocean Bloggie and many, many others. Will you be there too? Let me know!

I’m so excited!!!

I’ve missed the first two of these events for one reason or another, and vowed, after the last one was such a success, that I wouldn’t miss another. Besides, I’ve been itching to go back to NYC ever since my last visit in 2004. I love it.

Does this mean that I could see myself living there someday? Maybe. I think I could handle it. But for now, it’s still a nice place to visit. At least I have friends that live there.

I’ll be staying with Patrick and Tuna Girl. Can you say giggle-fest? I think my sides hurt already. 🙂

My only wish is that many of our other blogfriends could be there as well. Think you can make it? Flights are cheap– my flight was only $164 round trip from Chicago. Right on!

Well.. it’s Cinco de Mayo and I’m off to drink a few Margaritas with my friends tonight. Have a wonderful weekend!