Would you please just DRIVE!?

This morning I was driving to an early doctor’s appointment in fairly busy traffic on an equally busy avenue. I was running a minute or two late and getting impatient, as I am oft to do.

At a stop light, I could see the person in front of me had her visor pulled down and the mirror open. She was applying her makeup at the stop light.

This is not anything uncommon. It seems that people are always trying to beat the clock and do as much as they can in as little time as possible. We have conversations, jot down notes, sip coffee, shave, pluck eyebrows and take a crap for all I know while driving down the street.

And I wouldn’t have a problem with all of this if people would just do it off to the side of the road, or at LEAST only at stop lights… but this woman.. and many like her… not only did not see the stop light turn green and remained stopped at the light (which I HATE)… she CONTINUED to apply the makeup while DRIVING IN TRAFFIC.

I just don’t get it. With so many people dying in accidents and so many of these accidents being attributed to inattentive driving… and so many laws being passed to restrict cell phone use while driving (which is just one of a slew of problems facing drivers these days)… you would think that people would have more common sense than this.

I fully expected this woman to get in an accident of some kind, but I ended up passing her by when she made a turn. And I got to my appointment about 10 minutes late, but everything was okay.

But people please… would you please just DRIVE and leave the other business for when you get to work?

Thanks! 😀