What's on my mind

You asked for it… you got it. Here’s what’s on my mind… little bugs that just can’t be caught, no matter what I do:
Mind-bug #1: Money. It’s not my friend this month. And I’m not treating it nicely, either. Honestly, I’ve been doing a lot better in most ways. ALL of my credit cards are up-to-date and under their limits. ALL of my utilities are paid. My car is paid off. I should be in financial “health” for once in my life, right? Wrong. There’s the matter of rent, and it’s killing me. I need to pay it and I don’t have the money for it right now. So naturally, I’m freaking out ever so slightly. But I’ll figure something out. I always do.

Mind-bug #2: Crazy People. Did you hear about the doctor in Florida who threw his kids out the window of a hotel and then threw himself out after them? Good GOD. What is wrong with people? I know things get hard to deal with (see above), but for cryin’ out loud, don’t kill your kids. I hear these stories all the time and just cannot find the reasons why people would do such a thing. It’s horrific. Mental illness is real and it is scary. I’d like to see the Scientologists give their reasons why medicine wouldn’t have helped that guy.

Mind-bug #3: Family. My family is once again talking seriously about moving my parents out of their house and into an apartment. My sister has even offered to go with my mom to look at places. It’s starting to look very real right now, and that’s just a little bit scary for all of us. No… check that. It’s a LOT scary for all of us. But it absolutely has to happen. My mom can’t even get in or out of the bathtub to take a shower anymore, because her balance is so bad, she is afraid she may fall. (My dad hasn’t been able to use the shower in years.) They are quickly getting to the point where the house is just becoming too much for them. We need to act quickly. It’s going to be a long summer.

Mind-bug #4: New York. I’m giddy with excitement about my trip to New York this weekend!!! Patrick and I have been Emailing back and forth, and Tuna Girl is on her way there as I type. (She’s in Boston right now.) And Mark, save me a barstool on Friday night… I’ll be there late, but I’ll be there! 🙂 I can’t wait to meet everyone face-to-face. I can’t wait to show off my new tan. I need to lose 30 pounds so I look all hot and sexy. Which of those things is possible? All but the last one, I’m afraid. Darn it.

I guess these bugs aren’t so bad. I won’t need any sprays or Mind-bug Motels to get rid of them too soon. But that’s what’s on my mind at the moment. Doesn’t make for peaceful sleep– as is evidenced by the hour at which I am posting this. But I am now going to try. Cheerio.

PadCast #13: Holiday

PadCast #13_ Holiday

I’m baaaack!

The title of this “Pad-Cast” is twofold– a return from my self-imposed podcasting “holiday”, and a nod to the obivous– the three-day-weekend of the Memorial Day holiday.

Clever ain’t I? 😉

I got back from the beach today and just decided it was time to dust off the microphone and see what happened. So take a listen… and let me know what you think.

Music: Elton John: Rocket Man ’03 (Remix EP- on iTunes) ; Madonna: Holiday (The Immaculate Collection – on iTunes)

Madness Ensues

Summer has begun (unofficially) with a bang, a snap, and a show of jazz hands.

Bob Fosse would be proud.

Last weekend it was frigid.  I’m talking almost icicle weather here, folks.  This weekend it’s in the 90s.  Hot and humid.  Like an oven… only outdoors.  And humid… since ovens aren’t exactly known for their humidity.
Yeah! baby!  Summer has arrived!

I’m brown and beautiful after last weekend’s bike ride and this weekend’s visit to the beach (which will be repeated tomorrow.)  I’m feeling all hot and fit because I’ve been riding my bike everywhere.  In the heat.

Yes, this is what we in Chicago call Summer Madness. People vacate their homes, leaving them dirty and unswept, for the lure of the great, hot outdoors. Some (like me) leave their air conditioners on all day long so that when they get home they can enter the cool, wonderful artificial atmosphere and relax after a hard day’s play.

And in among all this madness is even more madness– leather daddies and their dog-boy slaves walking the sidewalks of the Magnificent Mile, next to desperate housewives and religious fantics alike, shopping for deals at the Gap and the Limited, and finding new toys at the Apple Store.

The funny thing is, it isn’t even truly summer yet. We still have three weeks of spring left to go.

Anyone care to guess how long and hot this one’s gonna be?

Anyone else care to guess what else is on my mind? 😉

Happy Memorial Day

HOORAY! WHOO HOO! YIPPEE!! It’s FINALLY Memorial Day Weekend!!!!





And of course, if you’re in the Chicago area…


Now there’s no doubt that I’m really excited about a 3-day weekend. In fact, it’s been too long in coming. But it always seems to me that we forget the real reason we have a Memorial Day in the first place.

Memorial Day was a day designed to remember those who have gone before us… specificially, it was originally designed to honor those who died in action while serving our country.

However, as a national holiday, it is now designed to remember all of our loved ones who have passed away. Many still observe this day with visits to cemetaries throughout the country, planting flowers or leaving bouquets.

As a kid, we did this in both Kenosha and my mom’s hometown of Antioch, IL. This was the day where we visited the graves of my grandparents, my parents’ grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other family members that I had never met. Mom and Dad would tell stories about our passed relatives as we planted flowers in front of the stones. And then my sister and I were given the task of hunting down the nearest water fountain so we could fill up the watering cans. It was a yearly ritual that we may not have necessarily looked forward to every year, but we could count on occuring.

The holiday still is a day to remember, but many of us do it by having family picnics or outings. It’s a double-whammy of remembering our loved ones and celebrating the unofficial arrival of summer. Even though sometimes it’s freezing and raining outside. 🙂

It’s sad to me that our family has gotten out of the habit of visiting the graves, though. But with my parents’ declining health, it’s gotten harder for them to make the trip. My uncle still tries to get to them each year, but I know my mom hasn’t been out to Antioch in many years to visit the graves of her family members.

So enjoy your 3-day weekend. But take a few moments and remember some loved ones.

My Nana, Ann Aiello. 1917-1992

Me with my Grandma, Betty Anderson. 1906-1985

A pile of memories

Ryan Seacrest cuts glass with his ass

It took THIS to mark my return to blogging, after less than a week. But I couldn’t resist. 🙂

Seacrest: ‘Ouch’!

Published May 24, 2006

“American Idol” host Ryan Seacrest crashed through a glass table at L.A.’s Kodak Theater on Monday, cutting his hand and possibly bruising his ego but otherwise emerging unharmed, according to “Entertainment Tonight.”Seacrest, who broke the table when he sat on it during an “Idol” production meeting, called out for 911 and was treated by local paramedics.“I decide I’m 155 pounds, I can sit on that thing,” Seacrest said. “So I sit on the glass, and I’m sitting there for 2 1/2 minutes, and I put my hand back to the middle of the table, and all of a sudden [there’s] this huge pop, and I fall between the framing, into the middle, my legs up in the air in a pool of glass. I felt like the biggest idiot!”
No, Ryan, most people would say you probably felt like the biggest BOTTOM… but that’s just me. Really… THIS is news? 🙂