A Random Act

On my lunch break today at work, I decided to run out and grab a sandwich from the shop across the street. It was a lovely spring day. The sun was shining and the breeze was crisp, but warm. Amazing for an April afternoon.

I ran down the back stairway from the plaza surrounding the building and waited to cross Kinzie Avenue. Traffic was brisk, and the construction dust from Trump Tower was blowing in my direction. I could smell it– a mixture of concrete, wood and sweat– along with the fresh spring air.

As I got to the other corner and waited for the cross traffic to stop at State Street, I heard a crashing noise. It wasn’t a car; it sounded like a bike falling– hard. I quickly looked to my right and saw a commotion in front of the parking garage entrance.

A bike messenger had collided with a vehicle. I could see the messenger getting up off the ground and picking up his bike. He appeared to be okay, but his bike didn’t fare so well. The front tire was bent and the frame was out of whack. Two cars were stopped around the bike– one in front, and one in back. The drivers of the vehicles– both women– got out and began talking to the bike rider and each other.

I couldn’t figure out who hit whom, but it appeared that the woman in front of the messenger, who was driving a minivan or an SUV of some sort, was the one who made contact with him. As I crossed State Street to go to the sandwich shop, I thought I saw them arguing. “Oh great,” I thought, “another drama scene.”

The cashier and manager of the sandwich shop were standing outside, watching the commotion when I reached the store. When I walked in, they both retreated to their positions. I ordered my sandwiches (one for me and one for my co-worker), and asked the cashier if she saw the accident happen. She said she heard the crash but didn’t see it– essentially the same thing I saw.

I glanced at the scene a few times from inside the store. I could see the messenger making a call on his cell phone and at one point saw him sitting on the curb next to his ruined bike, looking dejected. Meanwhile, the woman in the minvan/SUV was still nearby.

And then, as I was leaving the shop with my sandwiches, the most amazing thing happened.

The woman in the minivan/SUV, who had been talking to the bike messenger the whole time I was in the store, helped him load his damaged bike into her vehicle. He then got in the passenger seat and they drove away.

And I stood there, amazed at what I had just witnessed.

Human beings acting like human beings. A random act of kindness. Right there, in the middle of the day, on State Street, before my very eyes.

And I smiled, and felt just a little warmer inside, as I returned to the office and continued my work day. Isn’t it wonderful to be reminded that there are still good people in the world?

What's On Rick's Mind?

Want to know what’s on my mind?

Here… let me slice open my brain and you can see just what’s going on. What, you don’t see anything? Just a lot of guk and organ-y flesh? You’re not looking close enough. Look closer.

Ahh… now you can see it…

Will this week EVER end?!!?

This week is the traditional “Hell Week” before a chorus show, which involves a lot of rehearsal and a lot of long nights. Unfortunately, that part of “Hell Week” hasn’t even started yet… and already I’m ready for a month-long vacation. That’s because in addition to Chorus Hell, I’ve been subjected to Work Hell at the exact same time. Long days, crammed with a million projects, overtime, and tons of running around have been par for the course this week. And it’s only Wednesday. Oh joy.

At least I get paid to do that work– the chorus stuff is all volunteer. But it’s such a labor of love that it doesn’t matter. Besides, as I said the other day, the show is going to be fabulous.

Maybe now he’ll shut the hell up!!!

OK maybe that’s wishful thinking… but Tom and Katie had their baby yesterday. Stop the presses! EXTRA! EXTRA! Crazy fuck and his so-much-younger-it’s-nearly-illegal wife live-in beard gal-pal have their first baby… WOW WEEE… (Which is the same thing that fellow nutjob Scientologist Kirstie Alley said when she found out about the baby’s birth, by the way) Let’s see how much MORE press Tom Cruise can get this month! Have I mentioned how sick and fucking TIRED of him I am? Yes I know I keep bringing him up here, but that’s because he’s on my mind and I want him OFF… I mean… how can you avoid all the news anyway?

And has anyone heard about this whole thing about the placenta?Somewhere along the line, in one of his many millions of interviews about Katie, the baby, and all his Scientology whacko crap, he made a joke that once the baby was born he would eat the placenta. Fry it up and eat it. Like a hamburger or something.

Ew. EWWW. Tom, you are not only fucking NUTS, you are also one sick puppy. Go get help. Or even better– just get lost. Please. God, you make me sick.

On the other side of the coin, Brooke Shields also had a baby yesterday. Apparently, she had it in the same hospital, on the same floor as TomKat. Thankfully, she and the baby are doing just fine (unlike last time when she was suffering from Post-Partum Depression and was taking medications because of it– starting a war between her and– you guessed it — Tom Cruise, who said that Post-Partum Depression did not exist and there was no reason for a mother to take antidepressants. This coming from a man who thinks that people care what the hell he has to say).

So there are two lives entering the world– one to a crazy person (obviously poor Katie doesn’t count anyway– it’s TOM’s baby, after all. Mark my words– they will NOT get married); and one to a loving, fairly normal family (Brooke is cool, I’ve always liked her). Wonder how they’ll turn out in the end? We can only wait and see.

They’re dropping like flies!

First, Chief of Staff Andrew Card was replaced by Josh Bolten; now the heads are rolling all over the place. So we say farewell to Scott McClellan, Bushie’s second Press Secretary, and our old buddy (cough cough), the slimy Karl Rove, gets a few rungs chopped off his ladder as well (Although why we aren’t rid of that slimy slug is beyond me).

But we can’t seem to get rid of rum-soaked Rumsfeld. In fact, all this talk about Iran and nuclear weapons/energy is starting to sound like a whole new cold war to me. And if anyone is capable of starting a new cold war, it’s the RumBush connection. And that worries me more than anything.

Why, oh why, oh WHY are we still putting up with this crap? Why hasn’t Bush been impeached yet for all of his shenanigans? Why is he STILL allowed to open his mouth and form incomplete sentences, basically saying that “Everything is fine” and “We are a strong nation”, when we are as close to ruin as we have ever been?

As someone said recently on their blog (and I apologize for not remembering who it was…) “Would someone please give this man a blowjob so we can impeach him already!?!!”

I couldn’t agree more.

Hell Week Hath No Fury…

As I mentioned already, this weekend is the Chicago Gay Men’s Chorus’ production of “The Ten Commandments: The Musical“. So this week is, thus, “Hell Week” for me. I may be a little quiet for the rest of the week. I will try to post some pictures, though. Especially since I had to grow a full beard for the show. You haven’t seen grizzly until you’ve seen me with a full beard. It’s kinda interesting (and a lot itchy!)… maybe I’ll let you vote– should I keep it, or should I shave it? Hmmm. This could be fun.

Anyway, thanks for taking a peek inside my brain. I have to sew up and get back to work now. Have a great week everyone… and remember, BUY TICKETS! Love you all.

See This Show, I Command You!

Seriously, this show is hilarious. (Yes, The Ten Commandments can be hilarious. Just leave it to the Chicago Gay Men’s Chorus. Trust me on this.) It’s hilarious and the music is amazing and the chorus is hot (some won’t be wearing much. I will be wearing “fur”. It’s not pretty but it’s all in the name of the joke). The music is moving, touching, beautiful, kickass, and riveting. The story is… well… The Ten Commandments. And you’ll leave the theater clapping your hands, snapping your fingers, and humming tunes you’ve never heard before. That’s because they’re ALL ORIGINAL, folks– that’s right… all new, brand-spanking, never-before-heard.

So click on the banner above (or click here if you must) and buy tickets. Now. I command you. Because this show’s gonna sell out (if I have anything to do with it) and if you don’t act NOW, you’ll miss out. So go forth and multiply and bring your friends, tell your other friends, and SEE THIS SHOW!!!

You’ll be glad you did. And so will the Burning Bush. Trust me.

Oh… and if you do miss it… don’t blame me for the plagues.�� It’ll be your own fault.

The Comcast Conclusion

I’m happy to report that the service guy from Comcast arrived on time Saturday morning and fixed the problem– which was NOT my cable box, but the fact that…

  • Someone moved out recently
  • Comcast disconnected their cable
  • AND disconnected mine at the same time
  • Because they’re imbeciles
  • And because they had the other apartment and mine on the same connection.

So this guy fixed that problem so it (should) never happen again. He was pretty cool… thank goodness I got a competent person to help me out.

Thanks for following the story… now at least some things are back to normal. 🙂

Darn you to HECK, Comcast! – Part II

Ah yes, the plot thickens…

And so does the pool of shit this whole situation is living in.

But I digress.

This morning (Thursday morning to be exact) I woke up early expecting my doorbell to ring at any minute. Why? Because the Comcast person was supposed to come and fix my cable, that’s why.

Let’s recap a bit, for those just joining us.

As I mentioned in my previous post, my cable went out on Saturday of last week. I called Comcast and they said they would send someone out on Monday, but they didn’t have to come inside so I didn’t need to be there. Monday arrived, the guy tried to come inside, and when I wasn’t there, moved on. I called Comcast back and was told that a service rep was supposed to come to my house between 8 and 10 AM today (Thursday). I started work at 11:30, so I figured that would work out fine.

I received a call a day later and got a recorded message saying that they discovered an outage in my area. (This call came in on Tuesday, and this all started on Saturday. It took them four days to discover there was an outage in my area? Hmmm. Sounds like a bigger problem to me than just poor customer service.)

I called the number back because it asked me to do so if I still was experiencing trouble. The person on the phone verified with me that yes, my cable is still not working (Thanks for telling me!) and they would send someone out on Thursday, as scheduled. But if it started working again, call and cancel the appointment. I said that would be fine.

Back to this morning. When 10:30 arrived and I still had not been called by my service person, I just knew something was wrong. I called Comcast and checked on my service call.

“We do not have a service call scheduled for you at this time.”




was I livid.

I tried to talk to a representative, but got disconnected. FOUR TIMES. I tried a different number (the 800 number instead of the local number) and got a live person.

“I just want to start out by saying that I am a very frustrated, angry customer,” I said. Probably not the right thing to say. Because after she said, “OK, go ahead…”


To quote Bill Cosby:

“I’ve always heard of people having a conniption…. but I’ve never seen one. You don’t want to see one. (My) face split… it split so there was nothing but a skull. And orange light shot out from (my) hair and lit all around… and fire shot from (my) eye sockets…. and (I) said….”


Seriously, you could have plugged a lamp into my mouth and it would turn on, I was so fuming.

I took a deep breath, called back AGAIN, and got another live person.

“Hello. I really need some help from you. I have been disconnected five times, hung up on once, and I have been dealing with inept service from Comcast since last Saturday, and I really need some sort of resolution.”

The lady on the other end was calm, helpful, and even read my history on the computer (I guess they DO work) and saw the runaround I had been experiencing. She said she would try to get someone to me today, but could not guarantee it would happen. I said that was fine, but I had to leave for work soon. She said she would call back with the information when she had it.

I got to work at 11:30 (on time). I checked my messages twice throughout the day but there were no messages at all. I tried calling Comcast again 12:00 and discovered that an appointment was scheduled for someone to come between 1 and 5 today. Which would be great if I was at home.

So I got another rep on the phone and calmly explained my situation. Again, she was able to read my history on the computer (two in a row… I’m on a roll here) and was extremely apologetic. She applied a full week’s credit to my account plus an additional $20 for everything I’ve gone through. She then scheduled my appointment for Saturday morning between 8 and Noon.

One full week of this. I’m amazed, confused, and bewildered by how poorly this was handled.

The newest thing I’ve learned from this experience: NEVER tell a customer service rep you are angry. They will hang up on you. No matter how nice you are about it. And believe me, nothing makes YOU angrier than being hung up on.

We’ll see how Saturday goes. I’ll keep you all posted.