See This Show, I Command You!

Seriously, this show is hilarious. (Yes, The Ten Commandments can be hilarious. Just leave it to the Chicago Gay Men’s Chorus. Trust me on this.) It’s hilarious and the music is amazing and the chorus is hot (some won’t be wearing much. I will be wearing “fur”. It’s not pretty but it’s all in the name of the joke). The music is moving, touching, beautiful, kickass, and riveting. The story is… well… The Ten Commandments. And you’ll leave the theater clapping your hands, snapping your fingers, and humming tunes you’ve never heard before. That’s because they’re ALL ORIGINAL, folks– that’s right… all new, brand-spanking, never-before-heard.

So click on the banner above (or click here if you must) and buy tickets. Now. I command you. Because this show’s gonna sell out (if I have anything to do with it) and if you don’t act NOW, you’ll miss out. So go forth and multiply and bring your friends, tell your other friends, and SEE THIS SHOW!!!

You’ll be glad you did. And so will the Burning Bush. Trust me.

Oh… and if you do miss it… don’t blame me for the plagues.�� It’ll be your own fault.

The Comcast Conclusion

I’m happy to report that the service guy from Comcast arrived on time Saturday morning and fixed the problem– which was NOT my cable box, but the fact that…

  • Someone moved out recently
  • Comcast disconnected their cable
  • AND disconnected mine at the same time
  • Because they’re imbeciles
  • And because they had the other apartment and mine on the same connection.

So this guy fixed that problem so it (should) never happen again. He was pretty cool… thank goodness I got a competent person to help me out.

Thanks for following the story… now at least some things are back to normal. 🙂