PadCast #10 Stormy Weather


PadCast #10 Stormy Weather

My stormy disposition from yesterday, coupled with yet another huge thunderstorm to tear through Chicago, make up the subject of today’s podcast.

I’ll be the first to admit– I was in quite a mood yesterday. I’m still in a bit of that mood today. I’m not sure quite what caused it.

So I went with what I was feeling, and wrote yesterday’s post.

It really wasn’t a note to anyone in particular– just an indication of how I was feeling at that particular moment.

Sorry if I offended anyone. Or maybe I’m not sorry. I don’t know.

Maybe there is some truth to the myth that men have some sort of “PMS” syndrome like women. I’ve often wondered if that was true. Yes, I know we don’t menstruate (and thank goodness for that!); but the mood swings at certain moments in life can’t be denied. I know I’m not alone here. Fess up, men. You’ve been there, too.

In today’s podcast, I talk about my unusual mood from yesterday, tonight’s intense thunderstorms (with lots of thunder to back me up!), and also play a little experimental podcast I recorded after a very sleepless night the same night I told everyone to F-off.

And no, I wasn’t having sex. Damn it. I think that would have cheered me up just a bit, don’t you think? 🙂

I’ll be better soon. I know I will. Just give me time. I think I just need more sleep.

And sex wouldn’t hurt, either. 😀

I’d like to conclude this post with shout-outs to Scott-O-Rama, who is dealing with some rough times of his own right now. I’m thinking about you, Scott… stay strong.

And also to Fausto and co. at Feast of Fools, celebrating the 9th birthday/anniversary of the Feast of Fools– not necessarily the podcast itself, but the Feast of Fools as an enterprise. It took them 9 years to become famous. Patience is a virtue, people. 🙂

And finally, please subscribe to my podcast; listen to it here, or download it and listen to it later at home. And PLEASE let me know what you think. I’ve got lots of great ideas for the future… it’d be great to know what you’re thinking so I can maybe do something really cool.

Thanks… and enjoy the show.

MUSIC: Stormy Weather: Ella Fitzgerald (?) – Don’t know where I got this. I can’t seem to find its home!

(Last Night) I Didn’t Get To Sleep – Fifth Dimension (Up Up and Away! The Definitive Collection)